Friday, 18 January 2013

'Notre Dame' in charcoal

'Notre Dame'
80cm x 60cm
charcoal on paper

I used an old photograph that I took a long time ago to make this drawing, in the days when there were only reels of film and disposable cameras! In those days our films were sent away to be developed and all we could do was cross our fingers and hope...hope that we got our own photos back and not someone else's! It's hard now to imagine a world without digital cameras, phone cameras and instant results! I have to say making the drawing (this is the second version by the way) brought back some great memories of being in Paris. The one thing I remember above all else was the creative and artistic graffiti dotted about everywhere...wonderful stuff! 
Not sure whether we'll be snowed in by tomorrow. At the moment it doesn't look too bad out there. But whatever it's like, we'll be venturing out as we have our grandson's first birthday party to attend, so come what may we will get there somehow!!
Have a good weekend whatever the weather!

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