Thursday, 24 January 2013

'Lakeside View' and 'My Faithful Cat!'

'Lakeside View'
80cm x 50cm
charcoal on paper

I have two drawings to show you today...this drawing depicts Whisby Nature Park, Lincolnshire. I made it at the time of year when the bullrush heads had just started to explode...I love it when that happens! Charcoal was an ideal medium to use because of its flexibility. I was able to push it and pull it around the paper to portray the softness of the furry tops but at the same time achieve the strength and sharpness of the reeded stems. I always use high quality paper but nevertheless if you require pure white areas within the drawing then you cannot afford to get any charcoal on the surface at all, so planning ahead is essential!
Onto drawing No.2 made today...a page from my sketchbook
 'My Faithful Cat!' 6"x4"

I thought 'd just throw this one I've been recovering from the dreaded norovirus which descended upon me Tuesday evening...arghhh! So no teaching today and no teaching tomorrow and I apologise to all those class members who have had to miss a class. Anyway, all that time my devoted cat has been laying by my side in her favourite box, every now and again opening one eye and peering over the side of the box at me.  Today in her honour, as I began to recuperate I made a drawing of her whilst she awaits the hand that feeds her to get back on her feet!


  1. Love the drawings I always make a mess with charcoal x

  2. Thanks Harley...charcoal can be a messy medium you're absolutely right, but I think that's probably what I love about it!!