Friday, 11 January 2013

'Chloe 10yrs 3mths'

'Chloe 10yrs 3mths'
10" x 12"
oil on board

Aren't I lucky having such a lovely grandaughter to paint! I've spent three days on this portrait of Chloe. I made a drawing of her when she was over on expect her to sit for the whole painting would be asking the impossible as all those of you with 10yr old children or grandchildren will know! For the painting I worked from my drawing, colour notes and a photograph. Making portraits is fascinating. It can be the smallest of marks made on the canvas that transforms the portrait and achieves the likeness and uniqueness of the subject. Capturing something of the character and nature of the sitter is what most portraitists strive to achieve but often that elusive 'something' is so subtle that it's hard to pin down. But oh how exciting it is when it happens! In a way portraying someone you know well is often more difficult to bring to a satisfying conclusion. This is precisely because you do know them so well. You know different aspects of their personality and different sides of their character. It would be impossible to sum up in one portrait such a complex creature as a human being so I find that what helps is to keep focused on a specific aspect of character or personality and stick with that. 

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