Friday, 21 February 2014

Large mosaic piece finished!

30" x 21"
Scored and cut paper

Yay...the large mosaic piece that I've been working on is finished at last!!! It's been a fascinating process watching the drawing taking on a life of its own with patterns and rhythms emerging from the surface. I've been using varying sizes of tesserae throughout and it's this that has generated the patterns and rhythms and on this larger scale they become more noticeable. I feel the drawings are taking on added strength through fragmenting and rebuilding them. I've planned one more large piece and two more small and with my deadline approaching there's no time to lose! I'll keep you posted on my progress but in the meantime I'll be posting some more tablet drawings, so look out for those.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Lamp, Cat and Slippers


These are some more drawings from my tablet. I've been trying out some of the different tools and experimenting with the colour wheels.  It's a whole new world!



Thursday, 6 February 2014

First drawings on my tablet

The large mosaic piece that I started about a week ago is still work in progress! In the meantime I've been exploring my new drawing app on my Nexus tablet. I've been using the tablet as a sketchbook and drawing what is around me. 

It's alot of fun but quite tricky as I don't have a stylus. I'm using only my finger to draw with which I like to do but the tricky bit is placing the mark in the correct place, no problem for the larger areas but difficult for finer detail. 

I'm a real novice at the moment and these drawings are my first attempts but I'm enjoying experimenting and discovering the possibilities of what might be achieved. 
l'll keep practising and post some more soon :)