Thursday, 26 September 2013

Preliminary drawing

In my last post which, oh my, I realise now was two weeks back! I showed you a piece that I was experimenting with. between then and now I have explored all avenues with it. It's been pushed, pulled, chopped up, chopped up again and guess's now been binned!! I don't easily give up on any piece and try to push it through to some sort of conclusion but this time I was definitely beaten...grrrrrr! On the positive side though (and there always is one so they tell me :)) I did learn alot from it...even if it was mostly what doesn't work! The piece above is my next victim. It's another drawing I made earlier. I just thought I'd show you whilst it's in the preliminary stages. I've cut it through the centre as a starting point and will endeavour to work outwards from there...and will needless to say, try not to mess up on this one! It's a slow process so don't expect a progress report too soon, although, I am getting quicker at it...what I really need is a studio assistant to do all the sticking work, my dreams!! 

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Work in progress

This piece is my current work in progress. As you can see I still have quite a way to go with it. Now I've overcome some of the initial assemblage issues and devised a method of working, the process is becoming less problematic. I'm using a drawing that I made on a creased and scored surface. The creases and score marks create veins in the paper that become clear when the charcoal is applied and which have an organic appearance. The cutting up and re-constructing process is very much about building the image. I'm experimenting at the moment with different shape and scale pieces. I'm quite excited by this latest piece as it seems to be going in a new direction...we shall have to wait and see!