Friday, 12 July 2013

Preparing my frames

I've been painting and waxing frames today ready for some paintings that are going into an exhibition sale soon. Unfortunately you can't see the colours very well in the photograph but three are blueish green and three are greenish blue. I layered three different colours, a warm colour at the base, then layers of blue and green, then rubbed them back a bit and waxed them. Et voila!..they're all ready now to put the paintings in tomorrow :)


  1. Hi Ann.
    Ann, Do you make your own frames as well as paint them? Obviousely if you buy then, then I gather that they are plain frames, is that right? And why don`t you buy the frames that you don`t have`to paint. I would love to know the answer Ann. All the best.

  2. Hi Vic
    I don't make the frames myself, my framer makes them for me, but yes your right, they are plain and unfinished when I get them.I enjoy painting and waxing them myself. I like to adjust the colour and tone to suit the paintings I'm putting in. In a way, you could say the frame becomes an extension of the painting. Have a go Vic, it's fun!
    My best wishes