Monday, 22 April 2013

'In the Rain'

8" x 8"
oil on board

I spent yesterday moving back into my Ivory studio space in the roof! I moved out last summer when my daughter and partner moved in with us whilst they looked for their own place and we needed the extra space. Somehow though I never seemed to get round to moving back...until now that is! And I'm very happy I'm here again! I have a lovely view from the window...I can even see Lincoln Cathedral on the horizon on a clear day. I painted 'In the Rain' this afternoon. There's not too much more to do so I should finish it tomorrow. 


  1. Hi Ann.
    I would say that it was completed. but you know best Ann. A lovely painting. My dream is that I would paint this subject plein air in the rain. Ann, any chance for us to see your studio in your roof? All the best.

  2. Thanks Vic. You could always sit in your car and paint if it's raining! Not quite 'plein air' I know but could be fun nevertheless to transform your car into a studio! I will gladly post a photo of my studio in the roof for you to see. Look out for it soon.
    My best wishes