Tuesday, 23 April 2013

'In the Rain' finished

8" x 8"
oil on board


All I needed to do to 'In the Rain' today was to finish the windows in the far building, redraw part of the umbrella and add a detail to the bag on the right and that was that! 
And now in answer to a request from Vic, a fellow blogger, here is an image of my studio in the roof complete with cat of course who, as I have mentioned in previous posts, is my ever faithful companion!

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  1. Hi Ann.
    Thank you for posting a picture of your studio. It looks great. Really cosy. I made a small area in my Roof space for my studio at one time, it wasn`t anything as good as yours Ann. By the way, that painting has slightly improved, I thought it was completed, but your window adjustment has improved it. Thanks again Ann, and all the best.