Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Sasha and Doug at the exhibition

'At the Show'
oil on board
6" x 6"

This is a painting of my daughter and husband made from a photo that I took with my phone camera at the exhibition opening last week at Gallery at St Martin's. It was a great evening with a great turnout. The wine kept flowing and needless to say a merry time was had by all! Thanks to all those of you who came along and who helped to make it such a successful evening. And thanks too to the other artists in the exhibition Janis Mitchell, Jo Slone, Jenny Hammerton and Carol Butler...it was a pleasure to 'hang' alongside you! 
Getting back to the painting...this is the smallest figure painting I have attempted but I'm happyish with the outcome and plan to do more as I enjoyed introducing a bit of narrative into the work. There was quite alot to include in the composition. I wanted to keep it painterly and on such a small scale it became even more about mark-making and the old adage that I'm always spouting in my classes, 'less is more'. 

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