Monday, 25 February 2013

'Jackie' work in progress

12" x 16"
oil  on stretched canvas

This is the first stage of a portrait of my lovely friend 'Jackie'. I started the painting this afternoon and it took me the entire afternoon to get this far!! At first I wasn't capturing a likeness, then I did, then I lost it again, found it again, lost it again...and so it went on most of the afternoon until I finally began to win and was able to get it to a stage where I felt I could happily stop...phew!! The colours I've used here are burnt sienna with a touch of cadmium red and raw sienna in places and a touch of cerulean blue added to the dark values. I'm very happy now with this stage of the portrait and I'm looking forward to continuing tomorrow with colour. With luck it will be a better day and I'll be able to bring it to the finishing stage!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Ann.
    I would have thought that this portrait of Jackie is completed. It is a cracking painting Ann. Well done and all the best.