Monday, 29 October 2012

Self-portrait in felt tip and gel stick pens

 felt tip and gel stick pens
8" x 10"
I've been experimenting with water soluble felt tips again. I was the only model available so I'm afraid it had to be a self-portrait! This post has to be short and sweet as I'm off to Norfolk right now to a birthday celebration! 


  1. Ann, I think you captured the soul and feel of the model*that is you:-)* I love it and I love this technique. Haven't tried it before, but I'll see if I can find a tutorial on line to do so. Wish you were near so we can work together again.
    miss you

  2. Thankyou again Bayda. The felt tip pens are simple to use, you can easily push the colour around by adding water. Watercolour paper is the best surface as it's built for the job!
    Miss you too