Saturday, 6 October 2012

Brass Pot, Apple and Plum

'Brass Pot, Apple and Plum'
oil on stretched canvas
30cm x 40cm

   Stage 1

Stage 2

This painting was an interesting one to make as the surrounding area is much darker in tonal value than my other recent paintings. I like the rich red of the apple against the purple and blue and I also like the similarity in hue of the plum on the purple cloth. I began the painting yesterday and spent about two hours working on it (I had to stop when I ran out of light).Today I spent about another two hours on it and arrived at stage two. I'm not planning on a stage 3 but will look again in about 48 hours to see if anything jumps out and hits me in the eye! It was a much slower process today as I was employing a more 'careful approach'. I tried to be economical with brushstrokes but at the same time retain some of the spontaneity and freshness in the brushwork. 

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