Monday, 18 June 2012

Drawing with attitude!

charcoal on scored paper
80cm x 60cm

The female subjects in my drawings are often women with 'attitude'. mmm...I don't know what that says about me, but the less said about that the better! Working in this method of scrunching the paper and scoring into it has to be executed with care as it's very easy to overwork the piece at the charcoal stage and it ends up looking 'grubby' which is exactly what happened to my first attempt yesterday and which subsequently ended up in the bin. The creases in the paper worked particularly well with the hair in this drawing. I like to let the creases 'speak' to me which sometimes means that I completely re-invent the character from the one I begin with. This piece is very likely going to be the one I submit to the LAS show which presents me with the task of finding a title! Any ideas would be very welcome!
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  1. Morning Ann,
    we use the same technique in Chinese Brush Painting for painting mountains and when you mount your paper, all traces of the creases go and you are left with the effect only. Saying that, the paper we use is rice paper, so if you are using watercolor or sketch paper, then the results may vary. if you are interested in the mounting process, let me know, I'l lwalk you through it.

  2. Morning Bayda
    How fascinating that the same technique is used in Chinese Brush Painting. And yes please, I would be very interested in the mounting process. Thankyou