Wednesday, 27 March 2013

'Jo' preliminary drawing

Pencil drawing
12" x 8'

I recently began a painting of Jo (another of my class members), but decided to abandon the painting in favour of a preliminary drawing instead. The painting wasn't achieving enough of a likeness and I felt I wasn't getting anywhere fast! So in order to fathom what was eluding me in the painting, I made an exploratory drawing. Preliminary drawings are always a valuable way of making discoveries and extracting information about your subject. I'm reasonably happy with this outcome, having moved closer to an accurate likeness and also managing to express a little of her individuality. I will now return to the painting and try to push it in the right direction!  


  1. Hi Ann.
    I think this is a really wonderful pencil drawing. So alive, and I love it, more please. All the best Ann.
    P.S. Can`t wait to see the painting.

  2. Thankyou Vic, I'll be starting the painting of Jo again soon and I'm hoping that making the drawing will help me get a result this time!!!