Friday, 14 December 2012

'Mince Pie and Coffee'

'Mince Pie and Coffee'
6" x 6"
oil on board

I seem to have eaten more than my fair share of festive mince pies just recently! For the last couple of weeks we've managed to munch our way through quite a number in our 'run up to Christmas' classes! So I thought it appropriate that I should make a painting of the humble but very traditional mince pie! I spent an hour and a half on the painting Wednesday afternoon and finished it this afternoon (no painting yesterday as I finally went Christmas shopping having decided that I couldn't procrastinate any longer!) I'm happy with the painting and at last am becoming used to painting on a small scale. It's been tough to acclimatise to scaling down as my natural way of working has always been large (at one time I was working to the scale of 12' x 4'.) But making small work has alot going for it, it's fun and not so precious as it's quicker to make and therefore you're always moving on to the next piece...and that means more practise and more practise means of course faster progress.  
If you're celebrating this weekend, have fun!!

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