Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Class drawing!

These are some of my dedicated Wednesday class members. I must say they are a brilliant bunch, they have a go at anything I throw at them!! Today we began with a drawing from life of a foreshortened hand which sounds straightforward enough until I tell you that I asked them to draw with one eye closed! (Closing one eye flattens foreshortened shapes and helps make the shapes easier to identify). We later moved on to drawing 'Feet Under the Table with Bags' with the idea of creating a long collaborative piece. You'll see images of some of the work below. (My apologies that the photographic quality isn't so great...still trying to master the phone camera!) The work had a few continuity issues when we pieced it together but with a little adjusting this could make a great painting! My thanks to everyone for a successful morning's work!

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